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19may - 2junmay 199:00 amjun 2Mahamudra teachings online programBodhi Path Time: 9:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Central / 12:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm France


9:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Central / 12:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm France

Event Details

We welcome you to experience this rare opportunity to start at the beginning of a cycle of teachings by an important teacher of our lineage.

This course is beneficial for any of these types of students:

-you are just entering the Buddhist path and are looking for an excellent fundamental teaching to start on the right foot;

-you have attended one of the previous online programs on the Four Foundations (a.k.a. Four Thoughts), taught by other Bodhi Path Dharma teachers, and thus are properly prepared for deeper investigation on these topics. This program marks the beginning of a cycle of in-depth teachings on Mahamudra that Trinlay Rinpoche plans to offer in the coming years. You are already headed in the right direction!

-you will attend one of his programs in the future (Trinlay Rinpoche will be leading a five-day retreat in Virginia, July 2-6, 2019, following this year’s U.S. Bodhi Path annual program; if you are planning to attend the retreat, this online program is highly recommended);

-or you have attended one of Trinlay Rinpoche’s recent in-person meditation retreats where he has begun to introduce Mahamudra teachings.

Trinlay Rinpoche intends to use both in-person and online programs to stay connected and give guidance to students who are following his teachings. Brief bio information is available on the Bodhi Path website.

About the topic: The Four Foundations, also known as the four common preliminaries, explain a series of meditations that will lead the practitioner to recognize the often ignored yet basic truths of life: our great potential, the impermanence of life, the causality of conduct, and the dissatisfying nature of samsara. Receiving this teaching is necessary for all further instructions on the Buddhist path and particularly important and beneficial for developing motivation—thus its placement at the beginning of a cycle of teachings. Each Sunday session will cover one of the four successive topics.

Delivery format: Trinlay Rinpoche will be broadcasting live from his home location in France, and recordings of the classes are planned to be made available to registered program participants. Individuals can check with their local Bodhi Path centers for group viewings of the livestream or watch individually from their homes. Student interaction with Trinlay Rinpoche will be facilitated as much as possible through available technology.

Registration information: Register by Monday, May 13, through the GroupSpaces event page. (This event page is private to the GroupSpaces Bodhi Path Online group, so you will need to be logged in to access it, or else you will be guided to join the group if you haven’t already.  Once you have been accepted to the group, you will receive a second email with an invitation code to complete registration. If you are already a member of the group, please for an invitation code to complete registration.) This program is being offered for a suggested donation of $100. Thank you for your support. If you have questions, feel free to email:

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May 19 (Sunday) 9:00 am - June 2 (Sunday) 10:00 am


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